How to become operator

To become Ingromarket operator you can buy a free space between the available ones, or you can rent space from an owner partner.

Becoming Ingromarket operator, you will have access to exclusive services and facilities. All available spaces have a minimum area of 500 sq.m.

Ingromarket is dedicated to the wholesale business with the exception of food industry.


Rent of the property

To rent a warehouse in Ingromarket you have to turn to the owner directly.

The management carries out only an informative function by communicating to the person concerned the available real estate and the services of the center and it facilitates contacts with the owner for the definition of the contractual conditions.

Purchase of the property

For a solid and growing company, buying a commercial property in Ingromarket means to make an investment over time.

The new owner purchases in fact not only the real estate and the access to all services of the center, but he also becomes the holder of a stake, proportional to the area of the property, in the Ingromarket Spa (the company that manages the center).


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